Hella Care


Taaskasutamine on meie jaoks väga oluline, seega pakume enamus Hella Hair toodetele Hella Care teenust ehk vahetame scrunchie sees oleva välja veninud kummi tasuta uue vastu välja, et saaksid oma patsikummi taaskasutada.

We perform the service up to 21 days and notify You, when we are ready to ship the scrunchie back to You.

Collections, which we offer HELLA CARE SERVICE:

  1. Velvet Collection
  2. Sport Collection
  3. Cotton Collection
  4. Velour Collection
  5. Linen Collection
  6. SALE Collection

How to get Your Hella scrunchie to us: 

  1. Pack Your beloved scrunchie.
  2. Make sure Your full name and phone number comes with the package. This ensures that the scrunchie that has passed through CARE will return to you nicely.
  3. Take you package to parcel machine and choose destination point Tallinna Sikupilli parcel point - either Smartpost or Omniva. The shipping cost remains to be paid by the customer!
  4. When sending the parcel use our phone number +372 53436426
  5. Add the Omniva parcel machine where you want your scrunchie to be returned to your information that you include in the package. The return cost is also to be paid by the customer. Payment is made at the parcel machine on the receival of the package.