Hella Hair scrunchie is made of soft cotton fabric that does not break your hair. The collection has both mild autumn tones and pastel colors. Wearable in the hair and as an accessory around the arm.

Designed and sewn by hand in Estonia.

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Material: 100% cotton

OEKO-TEX is a special label for textile products that ensures that the products have been tested for certain harmful substances and that they comply with certain maximum levels.

OEKO-TEX labeled fabrics are:

* With skin-friendly pH

* Does not contain harmful substances based on test results

* Dyes used to dye fabrics do not contain toxins

* Produced with modern production technology saving water and energy

Care: If Your scrunchie scrunchie is dirty, we recommend hand washing with lukewarm water. Gentle wash products may be used. For washing in the washing machine, we recommend using a laundry bag and a gentle washing program.

Selle kollektsiooni scrunchidele pakume HELLA CARE teenust ehk vahetame scrunchie sees oleva väljaveninud kummi välja TASUTA.